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To Vlog Or Not To Vlog? Can an American Vlogger Live Without Sucking Amazons Nipple?

I am on the Island of Koh Chang in Thailand just purchased a new camera, a kit, and I now realize I need one specific gadget, that this directional microphone is causing problems... Where is Amazon, do you get it, we can travel far away, to other countries.

Fri, 16 Aug 2019 18:09:29

I need to flip the directional microphone around, (swivel) or the problem becomes the directional microphone. I do on the fly, quick action videos, not slow to think, fail to adapt videos, where everything is scripted, I do real life videos.

I can talk with a person with a 5,000 dollar camera in their hands for 5 minutes; then weigh, and measure them, and kick them to the curb... saying to myself,

"They just don't have the experience."

When someone says,
"You can buy it easy on Amazon."

Oops, lack of empathy, for a National Geographic level of photography, and video work, and, truly National Geographic has me worried. Can they go into the bush, without a support team following them about, can they go independent, off the tit.

Life is good, I am free, but I do wish there was 2 day Amazon delivery.

Banggood.com is the solution.

Thanks Andy Lee Graham

Koh Chang Island

August 17, 2019

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