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I Am Traveler First, Website Owner 2nd, Writer 3rd, Vlogger 4th -- Are you a Vlogger?

Do you want to be remembered as great father? Vlogger? When I look in the mirror, what Andy Lee Graham am I proud of most?

Mon, 19 Aug 2019 15:59:39

Do you really want to be a Vlogger? Or famous? Or what? Am I a Hobo?

by Andy Lee Graham

A Hobo is a person that travels to work.

A tramp is a person that travels and won't work.

A bum is a person that will neither travel or work.

It is my dream, after you read this page, you stand up, walk to the mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and say,

"Andy is right, fxck it, it?s time to start over,?
?I am going to start my life over."

Great personal hacks for the need to be trendy.

Reboot for the young are heart, who lean techie.

Retire, and change our lives for the older people.

Start over.


As for me, I want to slap you all, and scream, young, old, dumb, or genius please understand, the words are not import, it is how you intend to look in the mirror today.

80 percent are gone, their eyes are glazed over, they think,
?Andy, you dumb shit, what do you know??

I do know one thing, I am here am here in Thailand, on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet called ?Koh Chang,? and again, on ?White Sand Beach,? which again, is the best beach on this island. 

Where are you right now?

I truly don?t want to know, but I am sure of this, 90 percent of you are sitting in the most cliche, boring spot, no life to be proud of location possible. And, 10 percent of you are living the dream, ?your dream.? not mine. And please understand, I don?t want you here living my dream with me, I want you off somewhere else, I want to live my dream for me, but, Shakira, yes, you are invited to come share the dream with me for a week.

How do you feel?

This is a tough question for most, I mean right now? Don?t lie, tell me the truth, are you bored, elated, full of crap, angry at the boss, wife, are you full of personal trauma?

And again, I don?t want to know, do not disturb my happiness..

Ok, I am lying in bed, typing, trying to explain this, we all have a dream of who we want to be, way down the list I am vlogger, a person who makes videos. Yet, most people fixate, they have target fixation, they see me as a person who wants to make videos on YouTube; sort of fun to me, people do sit around watching you, us, we sit in Starbucks, in a suit, or two young girls stand together, take a selfie, and put it on Instagram. There is always someone watching us, and we are defined by these ?other? people as they see us, not by our inner dialog, but as they see us.

I have said many times, 100?s of times,
?What we say is who we want to be.?
?What we do daily is who we are.?

That means, if you go to work for 8 hours per day, that is who you are, and if you hate your boss, sort of sad, you are a person who works 8 hours per day with a person you hate, simple.

What we do all day is who we are, to both the world outside our brain, and when we get honest, we know who we are today.

Who do you want to be tomorrow?

When we are 21 we have this wild dream of the future.

When we are 30, we want a career, we are going to change the world.

When we are 40-50, we often spend our time trying to make the lives of our children better than our own.

And right around 40-50 we get it, we start to live our lives for our wife, our husbands, our children, our boss, anyone but ourselves, we put the ?What about me? on the back burner. But we did that at age 21, 30, 40, 50, and when do you say enough.

At age 42, I said, enough, I don?t want to be a Real Estate Broker, I don?t want to have a house in the suburbs, I don?t want to hang around with a bunch of people with no stories to tell, not adventure, who talk about lawn mowers, and soccer. 

The realist call, and accept, the is the deferred life plan, I am going to live my dream life, when I retire. The problem is this, when we spend 50-60-65 years of being X, we don?t know how to become the person of our dreams, we are X, because what we do X, what we say is not important in life, it is what we do, we are defined daily by what we do, people don?t listen to what you say, they can only see, our brains don't work that way.

Ok, blame it on the money, always, it is cliche, I don?t have enough money, really is boring to hear, you are boring, stop with the excuse.

Who is Andy Lee Graham?

1st an inventor,always working on inventions, my name on the HoboTraveler.com dream of living a different life social network is,


I love gadgets, ones I invent.

2nd, probably a womanizer, a man who loves women.

3rd, a conversationalist, I love to sit around in coffee shops, talking.

4th is writer, I love to write out what I think, I almost refuse to proofread this stuff, I want to explain to myself what I think, not to you, I want to know me.

5th as a way of living, I am a traveler, and maybe traveler should be number one, because by being a traveler, then 1-5 is possible, travel keeps us young, and strangely, by traveling the world, we have 50 times more time to do things for me, and not for you. Go on a vacation, leave the matrix, the home, the group at home, and you will have an overabundance of time.

I don?t think I have said, ?I am busy in the last 21 years of my endless travels.?

Somewhere down the line, one of my careers, avocations is being a Vlogger. 

Recently, a couple of people have been attempting to insult me, saying I am older, don?t like younger people. Here I am, owner of a website, vlogging, traveling the world, spending time with women younger than they are, living the good life, and they want me to be like them, I want to say,
?Go look in the mirror.?

Please stand up now, go look in the mirror, and ask yourself,
?Who am I??

?Am I living the life I wanted to live??

Or are you living someone else's dream.

Bottom line, I want you to find your dream, not mine, and stay away from me, again, unless you are Shakira, all other go find a life.

Your friend, 

Andy Lee Graham

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White Sand Beach

Koh Chang, Trat, Thailand

6:22 am

August 20, 2019

I am here,and you are not, why not?
It is cheaper to travel the world than to live at home.

Look in the mirror today, and say,
?I am going to be the hero of my own life.?

Note: Verified members of HoboTraveler can edit this page, and make my life better, or not? Life is good.

Shakira is my fantasy woman.

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