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Togo Visa Received in Cote d'Ivoire Ivory Coast

I applied for a Togo Visa in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire - Ivory Coast in October 2010 and received the Visa.

I applied for a Togo Visa in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire on October 28, 2010 and received it the same day.

I went to the Togo Consulate on the same road as the Ghana Embassy and down the hill on the left towards the center of the city, it is about six blocks walking distance from the Ghana Embassy. I went to the door about 1600 hours or 4:00 pm, and rang the buzzer. Nobody came to the door, so I started to knock on the door, nobody came, I proceeded to knock for about 10 minutes, strange because normally the guards would be annoyed and come tell me to leave. The distance to Grand Bassam was too big of trip to just leave without knowing office hours. There was no posting of times.

Along comes a man with an eye missing, he has a key to the main car gate, and he allows me in, then takes me to the main door. A guard opens the door, and I see three other people, there is one man on a computer who seems to on the internet, he comes and helps.

I asked how long to get a Visa to Togo, he said,
"There is a holiday tomorrow, therefore we must give you one today."

I found this hilarious, because 99 percent of the Embassies could easily give a visa at the same time as the application is given, but for some truly inconvenient reason make people return the next day. I do not think anybody knows of the Togo Consulate in Abidjan, and for the most part it appeared unused.

Cost: 20,000 CFA for a 30 day Visa or 35,000 CFA for a 90 day visa. I got the 90 day in less than one hour and there was no waiting, in fact the place seem vacant and I have no idea of the hours they are open.

Transportation: It should cost less than 500 CFA to go the Ghana Embassy and it cost me 2000 CFA to go to the Gare de Treichville with a private taxi.

Transportation from Grand Bassam to Treichville is 500 CFA in a collective taxi, then another 2000 for a private taxi to the Togo Consulate.

Address is "Deux Plateau - (Valon), maybe you need to say Ghana Embassy, If you walked towards the central city from the Ghana Embassy you would cross a big traffic light and if you continue down the hill you will go about 300 meters, on the left is the Togo Consulate.

Good luck, just grin and bear it, there is zero logic at embassies, you just say yes sir and how high.

Andy Graham of October 2010

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