Obama is Pushing Startup Visa 2013 - Visas

Maybe a bill will pass that will allow investors starting a business in the USA to stay easier in 2013, Obama is helping the bill to pass.

A visa has been re-introduced that would help certain type of tech investors to stay in the country.

Startup Visa

My Opinion: Andy Graham
The USA leads the world in allowing people from any country to enter, and compete as if they was a United States citizen. In any country you enter on the planet, there are foreigners running businesses. Whether legal, or illegal or in the name of their wife, partner, or paid partner, this happens, there is almost no way to stop it. Generally, a major problem outside the USA is when a person makes a thriving business, the persons wife, spouse, partner has the person deported.

Generally this visa is stopping that type of downside problem, but truly is a minor problem in the USA. I agree with the Visa, but do not agree with making any person on the planet able to enter the USA and compete on the same playing field. And there is always a lot of inside dealing, Mickey Mouse rulings, that allow the idea of the rules to not be enforced. What they say, and what they do is a whole differern story. In the end, whether this passes or does not is moot, the investor with enough money invested is going to live in the USA. Mexicans living over 8-11 years illegally get to stay, why not these investors?

Americans are for the most part naive, and this sounds like a lot of rich Indian people giving tons of money to Obama. Really not worth thinking about, it is not going to change the USA for the better or worst.


January 30, 2013
The Startup Visa Act was introduced Wednesday by Sens. Mark Udall, D-Colo., and Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. The legislation would create a new category of visas to allow entrepreneurs who are foreign-nationals to work in the United States if they have formed companies, received at least $100,000 from investors and created at least five jobs or raised $500,000 in revenue within two years.

Both Udall and Flake said the bill would create jobs by making the U.S. more attractive to foreign entrepreneurs.

Startup Visa Defined by Wiki:

The Startup Visa is a proposed amendment to the U.S. immigration law to create a visa category for foreign entrepreneurs who have raised capital from qualified American investors. It aims at addressing the absence of a visa category for entrepreneurs raising outside funding. It is currently denominated in congress as the Startup Visa Act of 2011, as introduced on March 14, 2011. The Startup Visa Act has bi-partisan support.

The Startup Visa is a temporary immigrant visa, or conditional permanent resident visa (conditional green card) which converts to a permanent residency (green card) after two years if certain conditions are met.

The prospective Startup Visa is classified as an "Employment Based" visa, under a newly created EB-6 category. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Startup_Visa


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