Got a One Year Multiple Entry Visa to Togo in Lome 2013 - Visas

I received a 7 day visa on arrival for 15,000 CFA, or 30 USD at the Aflao, Ghana / Lome, Togo Border, then changed to a 1 year at Togo, Passport Service.

I received a 7 days Visa on arrival at the Aflao, Ghana / Lome, Togo border.

You need yellow fever vacination card to enter Togo, or any West Africa or African country.

There is almost no reason to get a visa before you come to Lome, Togo for a citizen of the United States of America.

This was January 2013

I receieved a One Year Multiple Entry Visa as aUnited States Citizen

Total Cost was 15,000 CFA or 30 USD

I am not sure, you may need to buy CFA from a money changer, I do not think they take dollars. Note that dollars are better than Euros in West Africa.

I paid 300 CFA or 75 cents USA at the GTA Rond Pont Building for the application form.

Needed: Passport and...

1. 4 Passport Photos

2. Cell phone number - You need a telephone number, or a fake one - You can pay 500 CFA to a motorcyle Taxi, go to "Togocel Centraville." and get one for 2500 CFA, you need to take passport.

3. Address in Lome, Togo - I recommend you use

Kodjoviakope - Hotel Le Galion Room 6
- Note, if you stay in the Galion Hotel,
it is the only place where somebody could or maybe would be willing to help you. Generally the management of Hotels in West Africa are clueless, I am not saying the Galion will help you, but inside the Galion, there is always one expat drinking who may be able to help, the girls that manage the Galion will not know much, and will not talk English.

The Peace Corps have their Visa arrange before, they will not be of much help, the expensive hotels are also full of people with pre-arranged.

4. Onward location: When this is asked on the form, do not write the next country. write "Lome Togo."

5. Time - Write one year

Cost for Motocycle Taxi fro Galion to GTA Rond Pont Building - Immigration or Passport Service is 500 CFA or 1 U.S. Dollar.

Remember, do not get angry, it all very stupid, and the will grimice, look at you with digust, and treat you as if you should already know how to read French, and what they need. You will more or less bounce of the indignant people working there, until you finally receive a Visa. 

I applied on one day, and received after 3:00 PM on the next day.

Appy within the first two days of entering the country, do not wait until the last, you may need to pay bribes, or leave the country if there is any problem.

As always, I should not need to tell you, carry a pen. (Black Ink.)

Andy Graham 90 countries, and 15 years of perpetual Travel.

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