Ghana Visa in Cote d'Ivoire Ivory Coast

I applied for Ghana Visa in Cote D'ivoire - Ivory Coast, in morning and received next day after 3. Costing 30,000 cfa.

I applied for a multiple entry visa at the Ghana Embassy in Abidjan on October 27, 2010 and received it the next day after 3:00 pm or 1500 hours.

4 copies of application, there is a room behind the reception to fill out.
Black Pen
Four photos.
The name of Hotel in Ghana

Cost: 30,000 CFA for one entry, 20,000 for transit in 48 hours and 50,000 for multiple entry.

Time: I have 90 days before I must enter Ghana. I have 90 days after the first day I enter Ghana to use the visa, I can enter and leave, I think my time ends after 90 days.

Where: Deux Plateau (Valon), and is close to the Consulate of Togo where you can get a Togo Visa, I think Benin is close and great location for a Visa Entente that would allow you to go to Togo, Benin, Niger, and I think Mali with one visa.

Travel: I took a 500 CFA collective taxi from Grand Bassam to Treichville. Then took a collective taxi to Cocody for 350 CFA, then another 350 for one to Deux Plateau.

Best Travel: Take a 500 CFA taxi to Gare de Treichville, then a 2000 CFA Private taxi directly to the Ghana Embassy.

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