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Elon Musk has made “First Principles” thinking popular, this is great, life is easier when we follow the winners in life. The search for first principle, I am happy, I have been calling this the obvious theory now I will rename it “First Principles Thinking.”

Rene Descarte said,

“Cogito Ergo Sum.”

I think, therefore I am.

First Principle Thinking is:

Undeniable Truths that cannot be deduced.

I was calling them “Obvious,” or “Universal Truths.”

Generally, 99 percent of people agree, except for the people who disagree with everything. Elon Musk calling them First Principles is better diction.

Readers may have heard me, Andy say some first principles.

“The prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself.”

“Listen to the tone of voice of people, if good, then talk with them.”

“Look for smiles, the people who are smiling make better friends.”

“The bigger the cities, the bigger the problems.”

“The secret of happiness is to do more things in a day that make us happy, then things that make us sad.”

“If you remove all the negatives, what remains will be positive.”

“If you do not trust the hotel owner, stop, go to another hotel.”

There are many first principles we can discuss. 

I wrote a book, called “The Rule of Travel,” which was truths, the undeniable ones as the first part, then a second part, the ones we can debate; again, maybe I can give another first principle.

“There are people who cannot say, I agree.”

Do not reply to these people, the discussion will never end…

LOL - There will be people who will disagree, that there are disagreeable people. First Principles

  1. Super verified people can be trusted more than people who are not.

  2. Advice from a person using their real name, and profile photo is 10 times more valuable than anonymous people.

  3. Advice from people at a location, boots on the ground is 10 times better advice.

  4. People who trust a person online, will travel to meet the people offline.

  5. People with more creds give better advice, then people with negative stars.

Marketing Theory First Principles

  1. Membership cards help members feel good.

  2. The share buttons on top of pages is the viral engine.

  3. The goal is that members attract their friends to join EH.

  4. When a person looks over our shoulder at the app, they must be able to see the logo, and read the words Everyday Hobo. (THIS IS THE GRAPHIC ABOVE.)

  5. People that attend group meetups, with 10 or more people are good members.

  6. The site is contagious, an infected person infects other people.

I write these missives as bait, trying to find the best of the best, the smartest person in the room; because they make better friends, plus anyone who reads this far, could be an enlightened investor to help us hire a team of 3 coders. Best to have investors who understand the game we are playing.

Life is good

Andy Lee Graham

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Wed, 1 Mar 2023 05:01:12

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