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ZIKA Virus 1/2 Full Tour Bus


ZIKA Virus 1/2 Full Tour Bus


Another opportunity to sell the 'bug bagger!' LOL

The media, fear and public relations sure seem to have a stranglehold on our culture!

Great video!


As a person who has lived outside the USA, most of the time away from Americans or Europeans, it is amazing how the minds are shaped. Intellectuals only deal in words, and written materials, and there are people who actually are involved in real life. But, to the average USA citizen, what the read is more real than reality. I sometimes explain Iraq, and people tell me I am lying, it is too weird, I went there for 30 days. Yet, this is a great reason to not read about countries before you come, so your mind does not look to find congruence. We need to teach critical reasoning to children, the adults are over the hill, "tabla rasa.' Rene Descarte a philosopher said, "Cognito, Ego, Sum." I think therefore I am, that is all he could prove, when thinking, he existed. Americans and Europeans seems to give reality to what they read, see in movies, and cannot separate that from actual empirical evidence.


LOL. As I heard a teenage girl put it recently: "I saw that on the news, but I didn't know that actually happened." From the mouths of babes....
From now on that's going to be my attitude toward the news media.
Great insights Andy, as always. You're a wonderful resource.

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