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Your Smartphone Need to Be ON Floor


Been watching your youtube channel for maybe a couple weeks now, great stuff, i like it. Nice advice on phone placement.


I am scared to death of dropping my smartphone or computer on the floor, and the only way to keep that from happening is to put them on them on the floor. I must leave them plugged in to charge the battery, then the cleaning people want to enter the room, aagh.. I am in constant fear of them tripping over the cord, as they are obsessed with cleaning the room. Often, I place the computer under the nightstand on the floor, making sure the cord is wrapped around a leg of the bed or table, so when they do indeed trip, it is pulling the bed, not my computer. Nothing can fall if there is no place to fall, but then again, remember to never have that beer or coca cola above them either. Starbucks make me extremely nervous, nothing more frightening to me, who depend on his computer to make money, then to see a large cup of coffee, one accident away from being tipped over into the computer.

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