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You Will Enjoy This!! I Fell Off My Diet, And You Can Say I Told You So, Revel in Me Falling #LOL #diet


You Will Enjoy This!! I Fell Off My Diet, And You Can Say I Told You So, Revel in Me Falling #LOL #diet


Don't beat yourself up! You are fighting biology. 200 isn't terrible depending on your height. Rather than dieting make some rules you can live with. I have some that keep me from being enormous. I am sure I am carrying an extra 15 pounds, but I am not enormous. Here are some that I feel aren't too difficult. 1. Eat a raw fruit or vegetable as part of each meal. Raw food is very good for you, but it is very unrealistic to only eat raw. 2. Go ahead and fill a plate but don't leave the door open for seconds. This is great at buffets and relatives' houses. 3. Have a full 4 hours between meals. For example, if you eat breakfast at eight make sure you are done by nine and don't eat again until one. Only water and black coffee/tea in between. If you aren't hungry wait longer than the four hours. 4. If you want to push yourself to lose rather than maintain, know your weak times. For example, it is very easy for me to wait to eat breakfast and to only eat two eggs and fruit, but my will power goes down later in the day so I try to save my calories for then.


Andy, you mentioned in the video that you have fasted up to a week before. I'm curious if you had noticed any health benefits? There have been many studies that show that your body's cell go into repair mode.

"A study published in the June 5 issue of Cell Stem Cell by researchers from the University of Southern California showed that cycles of prolonged fasting protect against immune system damage and, moreover, induce immune system regeneration.

They concluded that fasting shifts stem cells from a dormant state to a state of self-renewal. It triggers stem cell based regeneration of an organ or system."


Pete, talking about fasting is truly something that peaks my interest. Yet, talking about fasting is a great way to have someone mock you. For some reason, 90 plus percent of the population will not even let this idea float across their brains, and get angry when someone talks about it. Generally, people do not want to talk about things they do not believe possible for them.


YES, 100 percent, Fasting is good for me, Why?

1. It is an emotional boost, it is saying I can do something, which is really not doing anything, by not doing something, we do accomplish something. Yet, do not tell anyone when you are fasting, in my opinion, it is bad for the ego to be mocked, or allow someone to mock you.
Fasting is a form of meditation, introspection, self-analyzation.

2. Fasting to stop infections. I now fast to remove all sugar from my bloodstream, to remove any easy to access energy for germs, bacteria, virus, infections, fungus, mold, and cancers etc to grow. They appear to take the sugar first.
People with acne should fast.

3. After 1-5 days of fasting, the body is clean, and I can think clear. I think it is the super toxin cleaner for the body.

4. Jame Easter who lives on Lake Atitlan always says, "Near starvation" is the only know life-extension method.
I believe that adding minerals to body also does extend life.
The link you gave, is along the lines of this one, I believe James is correct I cannot find documentation, and he does not like to teach, he calls me "Grasshopper." He is a teacher for cash.. LOL

Funny, I am glad I can click on the pencil and edit my post on the Talk Wall. The video from John Hopkins confirms that almost starvation can extend life 30 percent in rats.

I believe that almost near starvation, with super charged jet fuel, super foods is the best regime.

Yet in the end, fasting is a spiritual awakening, and upper level of reality.
Thanks, Andy Lee Graham


Very interesting Andy.

I remember reading a theory that the reason why sick people and animals loose their appetite is that starvation is the body's way to divert its energy to cell repair rather than digestion.

Thanks for the video I will add it to my to view list.

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