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X-rays at Imessa Hospital Lake Atitlan Guatemala

I went about 6 kilometers up the hill to Solola, and had 4 x-rays done at the Imessa Hospital, what appears to be a new.


X-rays at Imessa Hospital Lake Atitlan Guatemala


Hi, Andy!
So glad that you are in Guatemala and that you feel well cared for!


Nations are a collection of beliefs, ways of treating people, a culture of how we are, how we behave.

The Dominican Republic is a culture of pirates, conquistadors, explorers, slaves, and tourism, all put together with one real goal, to make, or take money. They have no long-term culture, more of a melange, mixta, truly it is more of a USA New York City, brought back to DR culture.

The Kachiquel Culture of Lake Atitlan is a long term Mayan tribal cultural, that has rules of 1000's of years on how to treat each other. It is a small town culture for 1000's of years.

Esprit de corps

When working on a project, my elbow, my leg, etc, we want everyone wanting the best. People who want money only do not want the best, they can give bad advice, to make more money. While family cultures, small town,or long term cultures like Ethiopia, Thailand, Kachiquel who are not colonized, more pure in nature can keep on the right channel, and right path, keep their eye on the goal, it is a nuclear family, morale, espriit de corps.

Now, don't for a second think the foreigners here on Lake Atitlan are working together, they are like the Dom Rep, they are immigrants. Yet, the basic, Solola, Pana, culture, the base culture here is solid, small town, family orientated culture, which is why the Doctors are easy, they must want to be part of family, they cannot be anonymous, they must be part of the local culture. I always ask where a person is from, I want to know their base culture, what made them what they are... ? LOL

Everything in life is an influence on culture, we do not escape our tribe.

The culture of Lake Atitlan, Solola is fighting with me, to help me, not against me. while the Dominican Republic was every man for himself, they all fought against me, except maybe my surgeon, Dr. Arias,

Fun stuff, but please do not think all people are equal, we are all unique, different, but cultures are tribal, and do have a group mentality.

The more I write, the more i understand myself, so I ramble on taking vague feelings, and creating clarity, to journalize, to diary, is to walk a path towards clarity.

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