Wolf Asked for the 9 Cities I Know With Perfect Climates in Tropics


Hello Andy,
We lived in Ajijic MX for a year, pronounced Ah he hec. Sometimes also spelled Axixic. Even though it's at approximately 5200ft above sea level, it's hot and dry in Summer and we had to use an electric blanket sometimes in Winter. It's an O.K. place, but is not a paradise. It's close to Guadalajara and it's only a couple of hours drive to the coast. If I had it to do over, I would choose Ciudad Colima. It's a university town, very clean, close to the ocean and not too far to Puerto Vallarta. It can get hot, but that's all relative. If you live in Texas like we do, anything in the 90's in very tolerable.
Keep up the good work!


Yes, this is on Lake Chapala, which I think, or hope I mentioned in the list. I am sort of a dyslexic thinker, so sometimes I have trouble reading from my list. I forgot to mention Vilcabamba, mainly because I just left the city.

Did you buy the electric blanket in Mexico?

Stephen B just pointed on number 10: Da Lat, Vietnam http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Da_Lat


1. Boquete, Panama 1132 meters.
2. Medellin, Colombia 1,495 m (4,905 ft)
3. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 1,562 m (5,125 ft)
4. Baguio, Philippines 1,500 m (4,921 ft)
5. Awasa, Ethiopia 1,708 m (5,604 ft)
6. Lake Chapala, Mexico 1549 Meters and Ajijic
7. Oaxaca, Mexico 1,555 m (5,102 ft)
8. Antigua, Guatemala 5,029 feet (1,533 metres).
9. Vilcabamba, Ecuador 5086 feet.
10. Da Lat, Vietnam 1,500 m (4,900 ft)
- Discovered by Stephen B. August 30, 2014


Here are a few more with great climates. Here are the 12 location as of now, who have rather perfect climates. https://www.hobotraveler.com/signin/topics/edit-page.php?file=/climate/index.php

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