With a Little Work, Me and Bobby Got Mom Graham in a Boat on Lake Atitlan for Trip to San Pedro


I must say nice video and the surrounding area of Lake Atitlán looks awesome. I am interested to go there after my mega web trip with family to have and exciting trip like as you. San Pedro is a new place for me and would like to make sure to be there soon.


Just found you online today, Andy. I was going to ask you how you would go about an airline ticket from Los Angeles to Guat. City? If I can get there cheap, I might join you for coffee.

Also, a note for a trip to Honolulu and most airports everywhere....Facts are that a lot of the employees at airports take a city bus to their jobs at the airports. However, the rules keep the taxi's full by having the bus arrive at an out of the way place on the premises....fwiw.

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