Will Tesla Electric Car EMF Cause DNA Problems?


Will Tesla Electric Car EMF Cause DNA Problems?


Good question Andy, Your Gauss meter is picking up broad spectrum EMF, low frequencies as well as high. You cellphone is in the range of frequencies that can ionize and potentially cause biological or DNA damage. The frequencies from your cars's interior fan and radio are low enough to likely not cause any perceptible effects to you. Similarly, If you check a permeant magnet you will see a strong magnetic field but as it's static there is little or no no potential health risks.

The Tesla motors are pretty efficient and well shielded so I doubt your meter would show much in a Tesla, or even close to the motors. The controllers and computers and built-in cellular data connection might however.


hmmm.... I'm pretty skeptical about how the manufacturer of your meter defines "danger zone". I get disappointed with incorrect information in the Internet, a lot of which is fueled by fear. e.g. "If you live near high voltage power lines, you will get cancer..." I have read no reports (that come from a source I respect) that has been able to connect proximity to 60 Hz to the deformation of human organs, cells, etc. Now, obviously, if you get too close (i.e. touching it) then yeh, that's pretty detrimental. read as: electrocution -)
As Brian stated, your meter is measuring a pretty wide range of almost any EMF. It may also be reading some degree of RF. Also, the VU meter inside could very well be pretty inexpensive and effected by any degree of magnetism that's found in the tape heads inside a radio of that vintage. As some other tests, have your put the meter next to a microwave oven during its use? Next to a hair dryer? Next to the power supply of your laptop? Your cordless drill?
I think more damage from cell phones to humans has come from excessive temperatures generated by malfunctioning battery/charging circuitry.
I've always been "pro-RF/EMF" as the results I get from the devices that generate it have always added more value to my life that any damage it might concern. To date, I have had ZERO ill effects.
Your mileage may vary.


Simple for me, if that meter buzzes, or any meter buzzes, I stand away...

Simple for me if I stand next to a buzzer long enough, something is bound to happen.

Life can be 0's or 1s, off or on, black and white, in reality, life is a nuance, always a maybe, I do not need to be pro or con EMF, I am just optimizing my life chance, by staying farther away, and not learning the hard way, and if I stay farther away, and there is no benefit, then who cares, nothing loss. I was laughing at my friend Mike P in Fort Wayne, he sits every day taking vitamin supplements in his kitchen, that buzzer went off in any location he stands, he is super radiated. Awareness is always my goal, never to draw conclusions that cannot be iterated, or optimized.

Everyone stand next to the buzzer please, for a Photo.


I believe a 3rd industrial revolution has started by super cheap, and unlimited solar energy. Therefore I peruse solar, that guy Elom Musk, who makes me nervous has Tesla, I know little about him, or Tesla, but think the car may be dangerous as indicated by the video above, need to test one.... ? Well, he also has a power-wall, a great idea, as is the car, not sure 350 per share for his stock is wise, but so on, and so forth... Well, there appears to be a problem, I think in Australia, a big solar power country, they may make it illegal to install Tesla power walls in houses, or garages, they would have to install in bunkers, this seem very wise to me. http://reneweconomy.com.au/lithium-ion-battery-storage-may-be-banned-inside-australian-homes-57002/

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