Why is Andy Lee Graham in Dapaong Togo West Africa, and What is he doing


Andy, when i was in Senegal i encountered a group of middle-aged folks from Europe who had driven across the Sahara in VW bugs. they were outfitted in straw hats, shorts, flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts basically making fun of the Paris-Dakar rally types who think the only way to cross the Sahara is in a zillion horse-power 4-wheel drive with a support team of bleched-out motorcycles and emergency vans. very cool.


Funny, I just got off skype with Phil, we are planing a trip to India, then to Thailand by land. He is 65, my goal is to buy the absolutely smallest AC car possible in Europe, then going across the planet proving you could just get in the family car and drive across Africa. They straw hat group is 100 percent right, the 4 wheel group make something normal into an adventure for silly small penis reasons.


There is never a shortage of people who will lie about Africa, in fact, hard to find anyone telling the truth about Africa. I am hard press to say I have ever seen a prostitute in Lome, I am sure they are there, but if anyone knows about prostitutes it is you Chuck Wow. 99 percent of men in Thailand marry prostitute, and believe somehow they are not, so go figure.

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