Why I Travel The World? Why You Should Travel The World? The Answer is More Surprising


If you want to read it, here it is: http://www.hobotraveler.com/about-andy-the-hobotraveler-com/why-i-have-travel-by-andy-lee-graham.php


Miscellaneous thoughts I had while watching this:

We tend to accept what is "normal" without thought. Why do we accept imprisoning ourselves as normal? Consider each of the following a bar to our self-made prison: car payment/maintenance/insurance, home/apartment rent/mortgage/insurance/maintenance, contracts for cell phone/internet/cable, then furniture loans, utility bill......

I say to be free of all that is normal but no one ever questions it.

Traveling is not only freedom and the fountain of youth, it is the ability to live every day as who you are, rather than who you were.


Yes, travel allows people to reinvent themselves.

I think we are genetically hard-wired to hoard, and accumulate possessions. This tells others we are a good mate, that we can support a wife, or a wife can protect the mate, etc. It takes a high sense of self-esteem to see that this hoarding is not longer needed by modern man. And that even the fight for social status is not adapting. To adapt is part of Darwin's concepts of survival. My financial situation is almost bulletproof, and I get to live anywhere I want on the planet, often what people call the dream life. It is a dream life, but only possible if we adapt.