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Why I no longer associate with the Mexican culture?


Why I no longer associate with the Mexican culture?


Andy, with due respect - that doesn't make any sense. Just because this random guy you met said that Mexico is a "free country" doesn't make it true. Sure, Mexico has crime and corruption problems, almost all related to the the narcos. But for regular people it's a law abiding country. I have spent a lot of time in both Mexico and Guatemala and I love them both. Guatemala has more corruption problems than Mexico. They are both developing countries and that does happen, but not that much and a whole lot less in Mexico than in Guatemala. And I agree, Lake Atitlan is probably the most beautiful place on earth! Peace - Jim


One thing I like about antigua is how it has food from so many places around the world. But in mexico it seems like its all just mexican food. Maybe a bit better in mexico city. Also, there is a cultural aspect of kindness and openness which I think is beaten out of most mexicans and certainly Americans are the most closed people on earth I've never befriended any neighbors everyone keeps to themselves.


The story is parable for instruction:
“Sometimes we are inclined to class those who are once-and-a-half witted with the half-witted, because we appreciate only a third part of their wit.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden


I don't know,,,Maybe I'd rather hang with the surfer. I am often in a bit of a conundrum with life here in the states. In Sunday school we talked a little bit about sin VS transgression. A sin is more of a moral act and the transgression is more breaking a rule or a law. I feel more and more that I am becoming intolerant of the many many rules, laws and regulations up this way and am perhaps siding more and more with the rule and law breakers these days. Someone on the talk wall mentioned that many cultures are more egalitarian than ours and the fact that up this way , only the rich get away with rule and law breaking while the common folk do not. I feel for the surfer because he is probably a bit like you and I were 20-30 years ago. Maybe his transgressions are not as spooky and devastating as our foity toity culture make them out to be. Maybe I would like to get away with things more so long as they are not so serious and immoral. Maybe I would like to get away with leaving my car parked out of the way and away from the disturbance of others and not get it towed while out of town and come to realize that the 6 weeks while away find that the storage of the car was 25 a day and the cost to get it out of impound is not worth the value of the car. IDK ,,, I just get tired of things up this way sometimes. when I am down that way I ALWAYS take part in that collective SIGH and reach my hands up in the air and say WOW I AM FREEEEE.

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