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Why I Have an American Flag on my Bag, It Is A Tool to Meet People


I travel because I meet more people traveling, then when at home. There is no better way to meet people than living in the same Hotels, and Hostels, or being in a foreign country. People want to meet Americans abroad, they are excited. The people living in Hotels have their normal routine changed, they are not a home, and the only thing left to do is talk with the other people in the Hotels. Generally, at home, friends get married, have children, and not longer have time to talk. Plus, we see the same, exact people daily. I often laugh, people sit on their computers in the USA, watch endless videos, read, and watch TV, Why? Because there are no people around for talking, the last thing travel is lonely. But, people who are checklist travelers, who put tourist attractions above friendship will always be alone.


I long ago learned that most people need to work, it is not a want, the need to work, or they would lose the plot, become insecure, go insane. Man needs to be told by a boss how to live, or be the boss, and take care of their employees. Same for the wife / husband thing. I do not need a wife, because up to today, so far in my life, I have always been able to share time with woman, without needing to own.

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