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Why I Come to Togo West Africa? My African Base


Why I Come to Togo West Africa? My African Base


Enjoyed your video on Togo. I have long wanted to live for an extended period of time on the Continent of Africa and your video keeps that dream exciting and alive for me until I can make it happen.

Page Turner

Enjoyed the video on Togo today. Loved that child. Found myself waving at him. Oh well, I am a old grannie and I have 2 adorable black great grandchildren who I can wave to on skye. They live a couple hours away and This is a wonderful part of the internet. I also have 2 great grandchildren in London who make my day when I talk to them. A global family is what we are. 16 great grandchildren who are the light of my life and Andy loves them all very much too. Of course I may be bias but this old mom knows he is a family man at heart. I understand perfectly why he finds Togo a splendid area to have one of his home bases. He has a family in Togo away from his Indiana family.That makes all of our family feel blessed for this much loved man with his adventures who has always kept us entertained from the time he was a little boy.

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