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What to do when the mattress is too hard?


What to do when the mattress is too hard?


Hey Andy, it would've been cool if you diverted your video when Turk showed up, to show your interaction with him unless of course he's camera shy.


Hello, Turk is an older man, an old timer in Pana, and I do think he has any idea what I do, I am not exactly sure why, but for him, it just does not seem correct to put him in a video. There are many expat residents in Pana, or on Lake Atitlan, and while many know me as a Blogger, most just live their lives without caring. Yet, I suppose it I put them in videos without sort of letting them know, they could get very angry. Plus many, a super lot of expats are hiding from something, somewhere and do not want the world to know where they are, I could only wish my videos where that well watched. Turk rides his bike around and gives bananas to people, quite a unique person. He always calls me "Andy Williams," as a joke.


In 17 years of travel, I have only had travels with bedbugs one time in Thailand, at one hotel, it is really not a big problem as far as I am concerned.


We had the pleasure of meeting "el Turk". Friendly sort.

Catherine Todd

I carry a small pad of space-age foam with me. I buy the smallest size possible and cut it to size, roll it up and I carry it as a small carry-on, since I can't sleep without it. Or you can carry it like a yoga pad. Use a bread knife with a serrated blade to cut it down to size. I have such a bad back that I can't live without it and this works like a charm!


I have a really bad back and it prefers hard surface with just a bit of softness. I sleep best on a peace of memory foam placed on hard surface. Slept on the floor like that for years. Catherine, I have to get travel foam like yours. Soft mattresses are killer for me.

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