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What Happens at Train Station in Athens Greece While Waiting


Brave pigeon ,,, LOVE IT! Andy Have you any plans for you reaching your 100th country? Do you sometimes think It's all the same? I remember when I was the ships dentist for Holland America cruise lines I was loving the travel and taking my wife and 3 young boys on 3 cruises a year after a several touristy bus trips and excursions My boys were seemingly board. I started going out on my own. I loved the brief introductions to the different places but to the boys it was all bunch of bricks and mortar. Lol I don't have 16 years of full time travel unfortunately I waisted 20 some on the dental career. Now I am intrigued by the prospects that are available elsewhere. Enjoy the day Ned the Hobo DMD

Hope you get this. Please Let me know if there is a better way to get you the questions and communications.


This is one the best ways to communicate, because we share the knowledge.

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