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What Countries Give You The Most Respect, The Least?

This is a question from Tim, respect as two different levels on a global basis, you have the respect inside the country, and the respect outside the country. For example the bridge can be really quite great people inside their country, but outside the country that can be real wankers. The higher developed countries have the most respect, so the 25 / developed countries are the most respectful. At the very bottom, the groups of tribes were they have less than a hundred and fifty people in a group are extremely respectful too. The smaller the city the more respect the bigger the city the last respect, if you want respectful people you have to have a cohesive social organization, where people culturally have a commitment to each other. immigration, clustering, groups of new people, there is a problem with respect because the nuclear family basically doesn't exist yes, it's up for grabs But to treat all countries is equals, is silly stupid ridiculous not all countries not all people not all cultures are respectful this is the big trap that people get into it when they try to treat each culture equally. Is best weekend we need to judge each person as we meet them, then always be wary of the disrespectful cultures. thank you your friend Andy Lee Graham