We Need a Real Bucket List, Not One We Can Avoid



We Need a Real Bucket List, Not One We Can Avoid


I'd say that my bucket list was a bit unattainable until my friend said she wants to travel too. Its possible because we'll be sharing expenses and we have similar tastes and energy levels. So, as I sort my mother's old papers today, I'm really looking forward to ticking off that number one on my list which is float in the ocean on a day where my biggest concern is what's for dinner. Some time of letting go and then listen for the inspiration...


The UN has changed a good portion of my bucket list. Taking items on my list that were free to $2 for entry, putting them on the World Heritage list and jacking the price up to $100+. I ain't gonna play that game which changes it from an experience to an overpriced tourist checklist 'look what I did' visit. Plenty of other places in the world to visit. Although my next one is 'James Bond Island' scheduled for January. Cambodia is another place on the list along with Australia. Been spending a lot of time lately trying to figure out the best way to travel hoping generally between US National parks for several months minimum, up to a few years.

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