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We, Mom Graham, Steve and Andy Went to Sunday Barbeque at Palapa Bar in Panajachel Guatemala

Catherine Todd

I thought Smoking Joe's was only at the Palapa on Saturdays, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Are they there on Sundays now too?

Catherine Todd

The headline says "Sunday" and the video says "Saturday." Saturday is the day I know of. Delicious!


I think they do Pana on Saturdays and San Pedro on Sundays.


Yes, it is Saturdays in Pana, and Sunday in San Pedro. Catherine come down to the Palapa on Saturday, Mom Graham seems to want to leave the Hotel at 12:15, and arrive around 12:30 at the Palapa.

Catherine Todd

Gadget, sorry I didn't get your message in time! Down with la grippe (flu) for the past few days, but am better now and heading to La Galeria for the most delicious pancake crepes and to play their beautiful antique grand piano, and see the new Valentine's art show!

Hope you can make it there... I hope to go about 10:30 or 11:00 a.m and would love to meet your Mom! You will like meeting the owners, Thomas and Sabine as well.

La Galeria is located on Rancho Grande, 7762-2432

Catherine Todd, 4581-9455 cell

Catherine Todd

Whoops! Can you remove my cell number? Better to use my email: Thanks!

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