We Left Pana and Went to Solola Guatemala Food Market, and Mom Graham Came Home on Chicken Bus


Looks like a wonderful market in Solola, Guatemala. I love going to markets. You said in the video that Solola is about 4 or 5 km from Panajachel is that correct? If so, should one be up to it, would walking from one to the other be advisable in regards to personal safety, being robbed?


The reason I ask is I really like getting out and walking around but not so much in so in city centers but walking from one commity too another is, then take a taxi or bus back.


The drive Taxi driver said 8 kilometers (ocho), so I guessed 6 miles, but it is 4.91 miles. Panajachel elevation is 1,597 metres (5,240 feet), and Solola is 2.114 meters, (6936 feet). I do not think there is much robbery on this road, but walking at night would be a bad idea. Walking is dependent on age, and body condition, Walking up this hill would be one of the most strenuous around Pana. Many people who want to walk for exercise walk from Pana to Santa Catarina, a better walking path. Do you know the elevation where you presently live? Awareness of elevation, temperature, climate, etc. When I am in Kara, Togo it often gets up to 38 centigrade, which is fine for me.


Personally I would not recommend that particular path either. Well paved but still a windy mountain road basically up all the way and often no walkable shoulder. I would be more worried about unpredictable traffic than being robbed.


Thanks for the info, I live at 600 metres, yes, I do understand the effects of altitude, have lived in mountains, and have done cross country skiing and hunting in high elevations. Good point about the trafic and no real place to walk on side of the road. Would only walk in day light mostly in the mornings, can't see the point walking around in the dark,,LOL


Made a mistake on the elevation of Fort Smith, NT, Canada, only 205 meters, and yet 1000 km away from any ocean.


I don't understand why anybody would want to walk up that steep mountain, it would be a killer walk. Just take a chicken bus from Pana to Soloja for 3 Quetzales-about $0.40 US cents and get there in 15 minutes! The chicken bus stop in Pana is on Calle Principal ,about a 3 minute walk from Pollo Campero. The chicken bus drops you off by the Main Park in Soloja next to the beautiful Colonial Church. If you want to visit the market, you can walk about 10 blocks up from the church or better, take a Tuk-Tuk for a few Q's so you don't get lost.---Sal in Xela.


I don't expect you to understand why. I like walking. Taking the easiest way is not always the goal nor is the destination, it's methods of travel one chooses is important.

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