We Had a Debate of The Name of This Food in English in Kiev Ukraine in the Hostel


looks like bulgar wheat - its like pre-cooked wheat - you brown it in a little oil then add some broth and cook it like rice




you can use buckwheat to make Kasha - which is like bulgar but made with buckwheat -- Do you remember the buckwheat pancake mix from greenfield mills not far from Orland ?


Yes, I remember buckwheat at Greenfield Mills, and was talking with my mother about the Buckwheat pancakes I ate when i was a kid at the Orland, Restaurant. I have an Amish girl sewing that lives out by Greenfield Mills.


I was in Egypt a couple of months- I am in the Florida Keys now enjoying the water and the fishing. :-)


Hey Andy,

Kasha is made from a grain prep called groats. Check it out on Wikipedia.

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