We Are Entrepreneurs, 3 Business Ideas, Assisted Care, Solar Trash, Old Age Exercise Sling

It is very hard to say, what I like to do more, travel, or innovate, invent. fortunately I am able to invent products that are travel related. Yet my mind is like a bad neighborhood, you don't want to go in there alone, It is continually full of innovative ideas Some strange level of entrepreneurial creative process. At age 62, there is no way I'm going to bring more than just a two or three of these to fruition. Therefore I will share them with my friends, maybe one of you can grasp the intention. As for the rest I'm sure I'm annoying sorry about that, Life goes on, that is why you have a mouse to click with.
your friend Andy Lee Graham 2018. I'm going to try to do a set of three of these once a week at least, just for fun to give me something to do.