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Wayne Asked Did You Ever Get Sick on Food or Water in Travels?


Europe is a zero, met a Russian girl in Venice, etc. But hostel life is rather bad.

I think he best way to travel in Europe would be to get a room with Schools that teach Language, maybe even take Spanish or French, German etc classes. Rent rooms by the month, Hostels are fun, but for the most part, the people living in hostels live like pigs, not me, but the normal ones. It really does make one aware just how much people can live like Hobos. Most do not take showers daily. The are willing to have sex in the most disrespectful ways of other people.

Europe is like a business trip for me, I come here so I have the right to complain about it.


The mouth is supposed to have about 3 billion bacteria inside it. My math brain tells me that people get sick because the body is overwhelmed at times with too many contaminates. The immune system kicks in, reacts slower than the onslaught of bacteria, viruses, etc. Therefore I have been spitting often, blowing my nose often, and stop eating when I get sick. I do not add more contaminants to the body. Plus sugar feeds these little bacteria.

I believe for most traveler maladies, sickness, from Diarrhea to colds to infections. I believe we must give the body a break when overwhelmed, But allow all the contaminates to work on us normally, so we build up our immune system

Plus, don't be a pussy, just because you got a cold, or diarrhea, this is small fry problems.

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