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Watching how NGO's work in Africa is like trying to ignore getting raped


If they for any reason knew that I was insulting them by making a video, making them look stupid, or showing their dumb behavior, they could kill me, bottom line. This is one reason nobody talks badly about NGO's, they will protect their easy money. You think of these people as nice people, they are evil, they earn money without working, that is why it feels like rape..

There is no protection of law, respect in the least, people who drive cars in Africa, them Toyota's are above the law. He with the money, make the rules.


They would grab me, hold me, and ask me question until happy, the hope that I tell them a plausible lie, this stuff is dangerous, when you point a camera at anyone driving a car in Togo, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, etc, they can take you.


Have you got any first or credible second-hand experience of violence following exposure of NGO activities? This is meant in the broadest sense of the terms.


I have personally been stopped at least 30 times from taking photos, with the threat of violence, guns, etc pointed at me to leave, I have never pushed it too far.

I am 100 percent sure, not 99 percent sure this is dangerous. I think often about making a documentary into the corruption of NGO's, but like I said, it feels like rape to even watch. I feel helpless, hopeless, and have been around these people 16 plus years of travel. Yes, I have said, 70 percent are just naive people working at them, but 30 percent would do anything to protect their jobs status.

The police are not safe, gee whiz, there are Terrorist coming from Religions, this is money, what is done is the name of good for money is a horror story, like saying politicians would not protect themselves. NGO's is a trillion dollar enterprise, a business of sucking money from good will.

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