Vilcabamba Ecuador Woman Offers 1000 Dollars for Cats, Locals Will Soon Kidnap Pets


My husband are in Loja Ecuador and was interested in living in Vilcabamba, but now we are worrying about access of a Hospital if needed in Vilcabamba. Some emergency may not be able to survive a 45 minute ride from the mountains to get to a Hospital in Loja. I want to be mindful of these things, you just never know. I notice that there was a Bus terminal when I visited Vilcabamba that looked as though it may have been a taxi stand as well, but not sure. It was not to far from the main park. How far is this Hospital which you were talking about that a Japanese Doctor built in Vilcabamba, which also had 10 Doctors in which some also spoke English. Which would be very helpful because my husband nor I speak Spanish very well, him not at all, and myself, I seem to understand a little more then I can speak, that God for that. Please let me know the name of this hospital and how far it is away from the main Bus Terminal in Vilcabamba. Also I know that it is not necessary to have a vehicle in Vilcabamba, but do you know if you can buy one and at what kind of price or the hoopdies going for there, I said hoopdies because it wouldn't be anyway that I would even think about buying a new car when 1977 VW are going for 4 to 6 thousand dollars in Ecuador, which I understand that cars here keep their value pretty much. Other words you can sell them for what you paid for them, when you decide to do so. Thanks for any information about the name of that Hospital and how far it is from to the main Bus Terminal.

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