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Video of Wood Stoves or Ovens Used in Kosovo


The Tourism in Europe is extremely channeled, like students put on a track towards a specific education. Tourism here is so cold, like people not looking at each other as they walk down the street, everyone is on a mission to see tourist attractions, and the locals totally ignore the tourists, but also the tourist are intent on ignoring people. There is a lack of intimacy here in Europe that is annoying me. Hostels are fun, people talk, but I learn nothing about the people of the country I am in, this takes extreme work.

Yet, because the cultures really do not want bothered, I do not want to try to know them better. I have not been in one country here where I would be tempted to stay longer than 3 days, which is sad for me. But, it is not paradise when the cost of living is so gruelingly expensive.

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