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Using 1 Liter Clear Plastic Bottles in Ultraviolet Rays Solar for 10 Hours to Purify - Disinfect of Organic


Using 1 Liter Clear Plastic Bottles in Ultraviolet Rays Solar for 10 Hours to Purify - Disinfect of Organic

Butch Black1

I liked your Ask Andy Show short movie.


I like your acting skills! I remember you once saying that you wanted to make a series of informational videos that could be understood without words. Does your apartment have plummed water? Or, do you need to haul water to your apartment and bathroom?


A sure Oscar nomination for short film.


Thumbs up.


My 6.50 USD - Six dollar, fifty cents apartment in Kpalime, Togo does not have running water, and I need to pull water out of the same well in the video. This is a pretty good example of the outside of the room. I had the screen door installed. There are two toilets, one with a key, that is nicer. Two showers, two toilet areas, but we must use a bucket to flush toilets, or for a shower. There was in the past a pipe that ran to the toilets, etc. I am thinking about fixing it, but then they may raise the price of rent, which would hurt my friends, not me, so not sure I will do so.

I was sort of angry when I realized that most water bottles her are tinted, which makes it a little hard to buy clear bottle for this use. This is really not needed here, because they is a public water pick up for water down the road, and the water is good for drinking. This is really for a village.

As much information that is out there on SODIS, or Solar Disinfection of Water, Ultraviolet etc, I thought I would be able to find a video like this in animation, etc, I have not yet been able to find a video, so I made one. Most of the aid project do a lot of talking, but not much actual education of the locals. This SODIS idea is a great idea, but need expanded for turbidity and tasted, chemicals.

Most information on this is in English, and Africa is the French Version of South America, so there needs to French, plus English.


Hello, I may need to do this video again. I studied some more, because Wiki said not to use glass, which is not correct, but the blue tint may be the PET plastic.


My uncle used to make sun tea by throwing in a bunch of used tea bags to a bottle of water and leave it in the sun. It tasted very good, even to me who is not a big tea fan.

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