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Unique, My Pro Traveler Vest Helped for Hospital


Unique, My Pro Traveler Vest Helped for Hospital


Yes, travelers vests can be a great way to keep your stuff close at hand. I completely agree if you keep it loaded up with specific things you'll need, you'll always be ready to go. It's convenient to find what you need if you always keep items in same place in your vest. I don't own Andy's brand vest but I've used a similar one while on the go for a very long time. Buy it and use regularly, you won't be sorry. It's also the safest place to carry phone, even if using it, example using phone for walking directions, place inside vest in highest pocket you've got & using ear buds for directions. Your phone should not be held in your hand on crowded streets for a "snatch & run" . I usually buy cheap travel phone to go with phone plan I need. If I need to use my phone in crowded streets, I step inside shop or cafe. Be smart & safe , don't lose your stuff. Ordinary common sense is what's needed 90% of time

Enjoy life & travel!

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