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Umbrellas - So I can leave my Hotel Room on Rainy Days Stop spoiling your vacations, carrying a small umbrella allows you to enjoy your vacation.


I carried a great poncho that was custom made for me in Peru for years, when it was cold in the room, I could also use as blanket. It was great, I could also make into a tent. It was big enough to also cover my backpack. These are great for long walks, the problems is this, I do not make long walks in the rain, I do not need this, I take a taxi, or have some kid carry my backpack for one dollar.

The 1 dollar poncho is OK for for the 7 day tourists, but a 3-5 dollar umbrella is practical, cooler. Remember, the tropics is hot, your legs will get wet with a 1 dollar poncho.

Oh yea, I remember now, a one dollar poncho is good when you are on a motorcycle Taxi and you cannot use a umbrella.

Generally, there is the optimal, and that is an umbrella. There is a reason all the locals are carrying umbrellas.

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