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Truly Do not Like 5 Star Business Hotels, With the Cheap Ones, I get My Monies Worth


The mission of a Hotel is generally to earn as much money as possible, and only give benefits when forces to by the residents. Which, is also my definition of a slumlord. The question is always this, "Can the hotel afford to provide the benefits?" "Can a Hotel afford to grant electricity to the residents?" Or would it make the room unprofitable? These card are solely for the purpose of making the hotel more profitable, and lends no benefit to the residents They are for cheap hotels, not for business hotels.

I am going to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala now, with my 81 year old mother. And, in concrete rooms, at 5000 feet elevations in the tropics there is no need for furnaces, or AC. Yet, in the cool of the morning, having a small electric heater to take the cool edge off the room would be great for my mother. Yet, this 8 dollar room does not have an electric card, does not have a way to bill us extra, for extra use.

I have lived in enough hotels, around 1000 to know, that the card is generally a slumlord mentality. And, the night guard problem of refunds is just plain willful theft.

People should always complain about the cards in any hotel that cost more than 10-15 dollars per night, they are just CHEAP Hotels, cheap thinking, cheap acting, and in Thailand they would say, "Cheap Charlie Hotels."

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