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Trip from Skopje Macedonia to Sofia Bulgaria by Bus


Maybe it's silly But I want to know how much the bus ticket cost? Very nice comfortable looking bus there. I love it when people participate in your videos like the girls at the orange juice hopper contraption That is SO cool. I don't like the folks who hide like the " vegan girl " in the backpack blender clip. ICK


The bus ticket was 1050 of Macedonia money, I think 21.50 USA in 2014 I laugh, many viewers believe that I can control if people want, or do not want to be in videos. The truth is, the person being videoed does not know, some just run, and other know they are in videos and start participating. And, a great way to find expats running from the law, put a camera on them, in Vilcabamba, Ecuador it was really a problem to put a camera on the American there Here, nobody really cares.

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