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Travel Quiz, Why Buy Every Can of Tuna in Stock?


Travel Quiz, Why Buy Every Can of Tuna in Stock?


Correct, great. There is a HUGE problem in 85 percent of countries. We can buy a product we like, then find out they may not restock for weeks, or months. While in the USA, when a product nears empty, they reorder, and restock, often abroad, a product goes empty, and they do not notice, and it can take weeks for re-stocking, even for products that are selling great. Anticipation is what happens in highly developed countries, and almost non existent in the 85 percent normal countries. It is improving now, because of knowing the time because they are carrying cell phones, time is become a real thing for the 85 normal countries. Time is of little value, money is of little value, as proven by the failure to restock some products. What I love about Guatemala, and most countries is they will stop and talk, spend time, and do not care about time. Yet, buying products can be real annoying, when expecting to buy daily, it just does not happen. If I see something I want to buy, I must buy now, not tomorrow, Manana, tomorrow is a day that does not exist.


I find it a bit humorous the people that will lecture you about 'living in the moment' in the US are the 1st to complain about their coffee brand or whatever "not in stock Sir" in another country because it was not reordered in a timely manner - because the locals are living in the moment...


I watched a video of a guy who was living in Panama. Don't remember what city. There was a brand of peanut butter the local store sold which was popular and he really liked. It would sell out fairly fast when in stock. The store stopped selling it. He asked them why they don't have it anymore. The store clerk responded... "It was too hard to keep in stock". :)


Andy, for you health, do not eat tuna every day--you take care of yourself so don't make this mistake. Tuna is an apex predator and so cumulates all the junk that the fish it eats consume. This concerns heavy metals in particular, mercury.

Here is a link--one of many--a quick google search will yield loads of results, but probably should not have more than 2 cans per week for a guy of your size.

Take care,

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