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Travel Quiz, Why am I so disgusted walkng down an alley off the Tourist Bubble Drinking Area?


Travel Quiz, Why am I so disgusted walkng down an alley off the Tourist Bubble Drinking Area?


I believe that you are disgusted by the graffiti on the walls. I know that is what disgusts me. When I lived in Italy, the locals believed that graffiti was made by "foreigners" or by kids who imitate what they see in "American movies."

You may also have been disgusted with the aroma of urine, You had said that the area was crowded earlier. Many men, especially at night, just duck into an alley to relieve themselves near crowded areas . Public restrooms, if there are any nearby, close early. Many cafes have only one toilet for use of men and women. They often breakdown due to overuse and/or misuse. This is a big problem in areas that now require low flow toilets in cafes, bars and public toilets. They frequently get plugged up.


Yes, Sserena the Travel Quiz answer is the aroma of urine. Sserena nailed the answer to the Travel Quiz in less than 5 minutes up. I am so aware of this problem, that when I walk away from places, I often turn around before entering because of this, and puddles of liquid. I see this as cultural difference, more or less, saying, "This is not our problem." People urinating in alleys is the responsibility of the business, neighborhood, city, building commission and zoning department of a developed country. The other day, I entered a very large super market at the end of the Tram line, walked around, and decided I should use the restroom, before taking the 45 minute ride back to my apartment here in Tours, France. I asked, this huge store, about 1/3 the size of a Walmart had no public toilets. This is a huge difference between Europe ,and the USA, in Europe, it is you take care of you, we never will, sort of a hangover from the Kings and Queens.

Grafiiti is big in France, I took videos outside the train windows, but hard to show in a manner that would explain how bad the problem is,or make people believe I am not just exaggerating. So many travel writers, and journalist over-emphasis or create a mountain out of a ant hill, the public, and viewers no longer trust anything. It is highly annoying to me, because the more edits, the more music, the more background, the flashier the video, the less authentic, the more the clips, the viewers believe. A person who makes a video with an agenda to lie, is believed. I by design, often annoy the viewers and do not shut off the camera, so they can see the amount of, for example, Grafiti I am viewing in the time the camera is recording. Yet, viewer do not see this as tangible. It is the reason the news and media lies so much, because you can really make a mountain out of nothing, and nothing is a lie, it just made something really small look like it huge. I do not know a solution, it will probably get 10-100 times worst, as news is not news, but really just propoganda. The news for example creates news to raise money for aid organizations, the work together and I think they get a commission. So news is not news, it is a commercial. Thank you Sserena, this is why I do these quiz videos, to help readers measure, and compare their knowledge, and experience. Often people do not realize how naive they are, to not have experienced this problem almost means you have never left the tour group. Thanks, Andy Lee Graham


I have also noticed that there are no drinking fountains in europe

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