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Travel Quiz Why a Taxi Threw Money Back at Me?


Travel Quiz Why a Taxi Threw Money Back at Me?

Adavan Dorp

I really have no idea?


I believe he threw the coin at you because he wanted to insult you or curse you. My guess is that the coin had a low value. By throwing this coin in your direction where it would probably land on the ground, he was in effect treating you as a beggar even though most people treat beggars much better. Perhaps he was cursing you to end up as a beggar.

I had a guy throw coins at me at a cafe where I purchased a coffee at the bar. At the time I had no idea why he did this, but I was humiliated. I believe he did it mostly because he was rude, but I believe I gave him a coin that superstition says would bring him bad luck.

Perhaps it is the equivalent to the highly offensive throwing your shoe at someone in the Middle East. Shoes are considered filthy and throwing one at you is like saying you are dirt.

Your taxi driver threw your coin in the gutter, into the dirt showing his complete lack of respect for you.

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