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Travel Quiz, What is wrong with this Hotel?


Travel Quiz, What is wrong with this Hotel?


Hi Andy, re: hotel prob quiz
No private balconies enclosed area so concentration of noise rooms open to outside in patio instead of inside a hallway so not as clean or quiet as El Amigo. No nice accommodations to be able to sit and congregate in the patio. All said, something is making you uncomfortable. Obviously you don't look like a happy camper at the moment.


Whats wrong is way too many places to be ambushed by robbers from the side, no way to survey what might be hidden ahead. you are in hidden, non secure areas when walking to your room.... without a short razor sharp machette tucked down the side of your pants you could be in trouble.

Felipe en Antigua


I give up. What's the answer? Is it the rooms or the grounds? Are the windows too low? Is there too much vegetation?


This is a good hotel, better than most, and I think Deb V is correct, just not saying the problem simple. I enter through a gate so this hotel is very secure, surrounded by homes and now way to climb over the walls.There are always a few problems with a Hotel, so the goal is to minimize problems. Hotels often try to maximize benefits so we are not thinking about a really bad problem. This Hotel is extremely good location, especially great for older people, except there is one really large problem this week.

Here is a hint, if you look at the balcony areas, the room up there have 3-4 double beds in each of the room. This is Easter Week, and tons of people from Guatemala City have come to visit for the week.

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