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Travel Quiz: Is Driving in USA or Africa Dangerous?


Travel Quiz: Is Driving in USA or Africa Dangerous?


One is more likely to die on the highway in USA than traveling in Africa. I consider the highways as deadly war zones. I've seen vehicles in one second flip around or flip over and disintegrate as if exploding into flying pieces on metal, having missed a bumper from striking my car by mere inches. A small vehicle in the fast lane was towing a large pickup truck with just a chain. Another time while driving, my car was rear ended and totaled by a semi truck. Not only are people stupid but many now days are also viciously aggressive and could care less if their driving could kill you. I estimate that 90 percent of drivers are distracted by their electronic addictions and 50 percent are also driving impaired due to their drug addictions such as meth, cocaine and/or "legal" pot. There are also a lot of illegals driving dangerously who don't know the rules of the road nor can read the signs. The faster one is driving exponentially increases one's chances of death if an accident occurs. Andy, what would you say the top speed might be that a vehicle could reach on a good road in Africa?

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