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Tony I Asked Why Don't You Upgrade to Lockers or Room for Safety


Booking sites, review site, companies like Tripadvisor are not wanting to address the essential security problems of the naive travelers. Reviews are for the most part only to point the good, not to address real problems.

Theft by cleaning ladies in 5 star hotels is 20 times worst than in Hostels. Yet, the average person refuses to admit they are robbed, they see it was an admission of of their stupidity. They think,
"I was given a security box, and I did not use it, so I was stupid."

Many people get robbed on vacations, the reason why people do not travel more than a couple weeks per year is because it is uncomfortable. The biggest is their subconscious knowledge they are open to theft, dangers. I live in security, with the knowledge that I am safe because i have systems, methods, protocols that make me the least opportunity target for problems. There are some very soft targets out there, who have no system.

I am now selling a Travel Security Training Kit, I called it training, so that hopefully buyers keep their brain working, and realize to stay safe is a process, not just talk.

Adapting to dangers is how the survival of the fittest concept works, this is Darwinian.

If a person is not trying to adapt, they are the losers in the game of life, to think out of the box is needed to win.


I believe everyone is responsible for their own lives, and they do what they want to do, and blaming others is the excuse. Traveling the world is cheaper than living in the USA.

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