Tina in Indianapolis IN Ask, List 15 Ways to Make Indy Livable to Visit?

15 Ways Common People Can Make City Uncommon?

What is a list of a thing the common people can make communities more livable.


Do not want to be anonymous, wants to start being friends.

You asking me, and me seeing your happpiness

Know why your people are special.
You care, I care
History of city.
Drive away negatives, by promoting what you want.
Acknowledging people who enter room
Shake hands, say name.
Ask friends to say hello.
Never apologize, do not tell me the rooms are too expensive. Normally, you do not know.
Couch Surfing, and Hobo Meetups
Room, Internet, Laundry, Maps, Parking
Say yes when asked to do something, change your schedule
Go get maps, best hotels from Information bureau
Accept that people are not perfect. Stop getting mad at hypocrites, they go to church, they preach this, stop the rant.
Check Information they have maps, laundries, internet, health.
Join meeting places, make list.
Know 5 hotels where you would pay to live a month Do not recommend the super expensive,
Invite home for dinner, do not recommend restaurants, especially not the five star, start out with the great family ones.
Post bulletin board of church
Welcome Mats at
Free Invite into business
Businesses block the people at airport, etc
Business cards.
Talk to the Tourist Information directory, and have him come invite me.
Join Hobo, start a relationship, make me know I can trust you.