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Time Asked, Is the correct thing do when lost passport to make police report?


Hi Andy,
I had my passport stolen in Paris in 1983. I needed the police report to get into the embassy and to replace my travelers checks, eurail pass and IDs. They issued me a new one in 2 days, but only after my friend who was traveling with me swore that I am an American citizen on a notarized document. It is probably much easier now. I got pick pocketed in the church of Notre Dame, in front of the altar with mass going on as I took a photo. I had removed my hand from my purse which was in front of me to take one picture. In those few seconds, my wallet was gone, and I felt nothing.. It was my first day of my first trip abroad. After this experience, I learned to do as you always wisely advise us: never carry everything in the same place, keep copies of all documents in a safe and separate spot and above all to ALWAYS BE AWARE of my surroundings. I was most likely a victim of one of the child pick pocket gangs which you find all over Europe.. Whenever I saw one approaching again, I would yell and go in the opposite direction. They do not want to draw attention to themselves. They want easy targets. Since 1983, I have been using my own version of home made secret pockets under my clothes whenever I travel. I also have ones that a friend made me that velcro into my bra. It is a very handy place to store cash in larger bills. I have never been a pick pocket victim again neither during my travels or in the 13 years that I lived in Italy.

I really enjoy your videos and website and think it is wonderful that you and your mom are traveling together and sharing great memories.


Sorry to hear of your troubles, Serena. But thanks for sharing your experience.


goes to show that even in a eorld class city like Paris, anything can happen. always best to think a few steps ahead when out of your comfort zone. I am jealous you were able to see the world before globalization:)


haha I think just did above:)


yes, I really enjoyed this info. My husband had his wallet picked out of a front shirt pocket at Ikea in Richmond, BC several years ago. It was Christmas time and lots of crowds. This was the one and only time that happened but he always wears a money belt whenever he's intending to go into a crowded situation. Richmond BC is not the place one would ever have thought of pickpockets. goes to show you we have to be careful no matter where we live.

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