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Tim asked, which Trave Apps I have on my smartphone?


Tim asked, which Trave Apps I have on my smartphone?

Charlie Brown

I'd like to recommend the android app I wrote, Tiny Travel Tracker.
What it does is create a GPS journal of wherever you go, automatically. You can then review where you have been on the map screen. It works offline, and the GPS data is stored in a encrypted format directly on your phone and never uploaded anywhere.

I found it a great way to log my travels.

It's free, has no ads and I make no money off of it. You can get it here:


I also have an Android and use Goggle Translate, Alarm Clock Xtreme Free, Google Maps, AMC Security, Sound Meter, ConvertPad (used to go to but swiched because this also does distance, volume, weight...), Hangouts Dialer (Google Phone), WhatsApp, Calculator MobiCalc

I also use Expedia for onward tickets now because they have a free cancellation 24 hour policy on most tickets now. My last flight from Hong Kong to Manila was in the evening, that afternoon I booked a Manila to Singapore flight. Checked in, was asked about onward ticket and showed actual ticket and confirmation number which was verified. After clearing Philippines customs I went to the gate for my connecting flight, logged onto the free airport wifi and cancelled my Singapore ticket. The next day my credit card was charged for the Singapore ticket, the day after that the charge was reversed.

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