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Tim Asked Environmental Impact of Travel? #Environmental


Tim Asked Environmental Impact of Travel? #Environmental


Our life got much better when we went carless. We only rent one to leave town. My husband has forced exercise walking to work. I am less anxious since I don't have the stress of stop and go driving or worry about parking in the wrong place. Walking and taking the bus is safer. We save lots of money. No environmental guilt since way ahead of most families our size who usually have two cars.


Airplane travelers can purchase carbon offsets for their trips from TerraPass and others. Basically, they invest your money into some kind of tech or reforesting to equal out the carbon dioxide output of your trip.

I'm a van nomad. I buy a carbon offset for my driving around. I encourage my fellows to do the same. HOWEVER, if they can't afford it, don't think the offset sellers are reputable, or just don't believe that carbon dioxide is an environmental problem, I say, that's OK. Just living more simply, buying less stuff, and not having a big house with all it's energy use and junk inside is a HUGE positive impact.

What's the old slogan: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle? Those are in that order for a reason. Reducing your consumption is No. 1. Bonus is that the less you consume, the less you have to work to pay for it, and the more chilled you are. That's great for your physical and mental health, and your relationships.

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