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Tim Asked, Cost of Living in USA, Versus Living Abroad?

Really the correct question, the cost of living determines our standard, or quality of living.


Tim Asked, Cost of Living in USA, Versus Living Abroad?

Craig MunroStarr

Hi Andy, your "Cost of Living in the USA" was really really good. Very precise. regards, Craig


Hello Allen,

To live on 1232 USD or 1600 Canadian is super easy in really about 175 countries. You are on the right track, there are some runaway expenses inside the USA, and Canada that are easy to avoid here. Mostly, there is less competition to be showing off rich ideas, like cars, motorcycles, and houses. Easier to fit in.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham


Thanks, Andy! Good video. Now if I can just convince my wife. Glad to have her...but she makes everything more complicated. Not an issue in your life.


So good I quoted some of what you said on my facebook.
"its the belief that you must live a certain way according to the tribe that you live in."
"the tribe dictates the things that you have to do to be part of that tribe."
"a person like me escapes the cultural hooks of the tribe and we're able to travel."


you are right. In the usa, there are cultural pressures to live an expensive liftestyle but one does not have to conform to this expectation. I still use a VCR tape player to watch and record movies and I can buy a movie for 13 cents at the goodwill store and a VCR for $5. My friends no longer have VCR's. I am reluctant to marry a woman from another country and bring her to the USA because she may fall into the those cultural expectations here. It would be better for me to not bring her here even though most foreign women's goal is to come to the usa.

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