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Thrilling Ride on Back of Motorcycle Taxi in Lome Togo

Page Turner

It appears that there are sidewalks where you are in Africa, perhaps better than we had in Pana because a person does not have to make it up a high step to get on! Street seems busier though!


Is that like the Thai Tupperware helmets.


Hey Buddy, brings back memories of motor taxis in Thailand!


Andy!! You are wearing that same shirt you were in Antigua. Amazing. I am reading yer book, I think it is actually very well written and leaves room for contributions and expansion in future editions.

Dear folks, I looked Andy's shirt over when he was in Antigua, its a very good closely woven heavy cotton fabric, looks like new... no wonder he likes it . It shows no signs of fading, and does not look like it needs ironing either...but the fabric looked ironed.

In person when I first saw Andy stepping out of a tuk tuk.. he had the ambiance of Indiana Jones for some intangible... its not possible perhaps to have been around the world 20 times and still look soft like a tourist or have any of that vibe.... it is very hard to put into words, Andy looks every inch an adventurer... with a complete absence of dog and pony show... I think that might say it accurately... that absence might describe him more than anything else... he had the look and feel of Hans Solo and the wookie walking down the street in Star Wars 1.

Felipe en Antigua



Hunt Club Shirt, this is a great brand, I must always keep my eyes open when in the Salvation Army. Seems to be a brand of "Jacque" C Penney

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