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This is a USA Update, and Plans for Going to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We Purchased Plane Ticket


Hey Andy, we have almost the same travel plans, 9 days apart. Instead of Candlewood Suites the night before I am taking the train from St Louis arriving in Chicago just before midnight on the 24th to catch that same Spirit flight on the 25th.

The Live Abroad Tour requires an explanation to keep people from thinking it is a, well tour. After weeks of it floating around my head I just came up with a possible suggestion....

The Travel Mentor Program. cost - $500, while Andy is in-country (in this case Lago Atitlan), you will be mentored by expert traveler Andy Lee Graham in the do's and dont's of travel...

How does that sound?


I think you are onto something, the word "Mentor" is better than the word "Seminar," and the word "tour," is as you say, about a tour, so not correct. The word "program," though infers something arranged, a plan, close to the word "tour."

The great thing about ambiguity in negotiations is it forces a person to make a choice, "I trust, or I don't trust." And, stop with their need for a list of benefits. Yet, it would also be my hope that the word tour implies a "guide," which is close to the word, "mentor."

How about this, "Live Abroad Mentor?"

And of course, that is also ambiguous too, because what is involved most in living abroad is money management, how to make money, how to stop spending money, once the money is figured out, living abroad is easy,

How about "Live Abroad Lifestyle Mentor?"


How about "Live abroad Lifestyle Coach?"

Good stuff Steve, but in the end, as a consultant, or mentor, the person somehow needs to trust, and giving me 500 dollars is the appointment of trust, that allows their brain to listen. I have been Mentoring Jeroen, my travel plane ticket mentor on how to be a consultant, and stop selling, and I tell him, you do not want to give a price for services ever, you e just getting paid by the hour, not for results.

Fun stuff, and for me, I am 100 percent sure, that I can save a person 1000's if not 10's of thousands dollars in bad decisions. One of the biggest problem of being a consultant, is when you just agree with the person, saying, that is a good decision.

Jeroen my travel plane ticket mentor tried to find a better plane ticket to Guatemala for me, and he could not. And, I said this is great. He was not happy, he did not provide a service, something money. I said, "you proved to me, that I was not leaving money on the plate." That there was no better options. Hmm, he did come up with a fly to Naples, drive to Ff. Lauderdale option that was close, he also gave a second option. He made me comfortable, to feel safe.

Now, how to tweek the name, which one is better, but of course, it will never be perfect.

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