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This Indiana Farmers Saying Helps Me Make Travel Decisions When it is Raining


Don't these dirt roads get awfully muddy when it rains a lot? Do they ever become impassable? Plus one could lose a pair of shoes in the mud, so do the people go barefoot or wear rubber boots is real muddy areas?


Well, I was skeptical about this Andy until today. It started raining at about 5am and sure enough, stopped raining before 11am. Its about 4:30pm now here in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been overcast with cloud cover all day. This morning we're driving on the rain drenched highway to look up to see a highway patrol flash alert on a sign warning about taking precautions because of our so-called drought here. It was some kind of "drought warning alert" on the highway being flashed on the same signs they do the Amber Alerts on missing children or the license plate number of a rogue car that the cops are in heavy pursuit of. Seeing that drought alert is as crazy as seeing some corporation watering their massive green lawn outside their headquarters with their sprinklers on full blast while at the same time its pouring rain, during an official government "drought" that includes sanctions against violators. Get me outa here! Lago Atitlan or bust!

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